New Software Technologies That Enhance Compliance and Drive ROI for Life Sciences

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This free IdealNet webinar/podcast will overview the previously published report entitled “Enterprise User Experience Management for Life Sciences - New Technologies to Enhance Operations and Strengthen Compliance in Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Insurance and Patient Care Delivery” available via IdealNet

Chris Biddle, IdealNet’s chief executive officer will overview the challenges, reveal the significant points of pain, and share a view for how specific new technologies in application performance management, particularly enterprise-class user experience management, can provide solutions for these challenges for life sciences companies.  Mr. Biddle will address both compliance and the optimization of user performance in this webinar/podcast overview.  This is the first study that we are aware of that attempts to segment the user experience management (monitoring) market by specific use case for potential consumers of the technology.

IdealNet estimates that perhaps 30% to 35% of the potential return on investment has been realized by life sciences companies (and the global 1000 companies as a group) by optimizing infrastructure in support of major enterprise backbone applications and their underlying infrastructure. This leaves perhaps 50% to as much as 70% of the potential return on investment unrealized where a significant path to gaining access to this benefit is through the deployment of enterprise-class user experience management analytics. In the final analysis, the real determinant for the typical life sciences organization would be to identify those use cases for the technology that are applicable and then model the return on investment potential for the organization.

This opportunity is particularly compelling for life sciences companies on a global basis. This would include the top 100 pharmaceutical companies on a global basis and extend to the top 50 medical device manufacturers. There is a very substantial incremental opportunity for the top 100 to 300 global hospital (healthcare) systems and the top 30 insurers that service this life sciences ecosystem. For these companies the operational benefits seem very compelling, often with a return on investment in well under one year, with the potential savings of tens of millions of dollars and yet the risk of implementation seems almost nil. There are very few such opportunities for the CIO to consider of similar benefit yet with low attendant risk.

In conclusion, IdealNet Inc. believes that this opportunity is particularly compelling for life sciences companies and that it should merit their immediate investigation.

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